Info for Riders

Rider Information for Suzuki International Series 2020

Entries for the 2020 Suzuki International Series are now open.


2020 Rider Entry Fees:

One class for Series = $350.00, any extra class for Series $150.00 or per round $50.00.

One class per round = $160.00, any extra class $50.00 per round.

*This does not include cost for unofficial Practice Days

Transponder fees: $105.00 each for Series or $35.00 per round

Medical fees: $90.00 per series or $30.00 per round per rider/passenger (you will only pay ONE fee per person per Series or Round)


Payment can be made via:

  1. Online secure credit card
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. Instalments to pay off your entry fee – please contact for arrangements (Note: Entry is not finalised until balance is paid in complete)

For those paying via bank transfer please deposit entry into account: Cemetery Circuit Ltd, 03 0791 0736101 00. Please use Name and Licence No. as a reference. Thank you.


Round 1:  Bruce McLaren Motor Park Taupo, 6th December – MNZ Permit No. TBC

Round 2:  Manfield Auto course, 13th December – MNZ Permit No. TBC

Round 3:  Cemetery Circuit Wanganui, 26 December – MNZ Permit No. TBC




All riders must have ridden at least one (1) road race event post Covid 19 lockdown, this excludes first time riders who must have completed at least two (2) previous events. All riders with less than three (3) stamps in their logbook (from the last 12 months) MUST wear a fluoro vest for all practices, qualifying and racing.

For those riders needing vests PLEASE SUPPLY YOUR OWN.


Numbers:  Riders with registered numbers with MNZ will have exclusive rights to their number.

Passes for Full Series/Taupo/Manfeild: to be picked up at Taupo or Manfeild  (Saturdays from 3pm at Sign In/or Sunday Morn Sign in 7am*)

Passes: Solos x 3, Sidecars x 4. Any ADDITIONAL tickets required will need to be purchased, please contact to arrange.

* If unable to make it Saturdays at Taupo/Manfeild please contact to arrange alternative.

If ONLY entering Cemetery Circuit you will receive your passes in the mail.



Machine/Gear examination/Sign In Race Day: (Helmet checks at Sign In)

Taupo: Saturday 5th  from 3.00pm or Sunday 7.00am – Sidecar scrutineering.  Random checks for Solos. (Pick up your passes!)

Manfield: Saturday 12th from 3.00pm or Sunday 7.00am – Sidecar scrutineering.  Random checks for Solos (Pick up your passes!)

Cemetery Circuit: Friday 25th December from 2.00-5.00pm in Pit Area (Pacific Place – off Taupo Quay) or Saturday 26th December 6.00-7.00am in Pit Area.

Compulsory examination for ALL machines & gear at Wanganui.

All lower cowling’s / fairings are to be removed prior to presenting machines for inspection if the oil filter, sump &/or gearbox drain plug(s), catch tanks &/or bottles cannot be clearly & easily seen from beside or beneath the machine. NO EXCEPTIONS.



All Riders must have a 1kg Fire extinguisher in their pit!

All Electrical goods must have a current Electrically Safe Test Tag!

No Fuel to be stored overnight in pit garages.

Cemetery Circuit is NOT handling Pit Garage Hire – please contact the venue direct:

Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park Taupo – Ph. 07 376 5033, email:

Manfeild Circuit Chris Amon – Ph. 06 323 7444 (extn 2), email:



Pacific Place (this is also where machine & gear examination/sign in will be held). No Power available and first-in-first served for spots (please stay out of ‘Reserved’ areas in Suzuki yard).

Please Note:  RIDER ENTRY ONLY:  Taupo Quay SH3 end.



(for Competitors only)

Taupo: Saturday 5th December – Taupo Motorsport Park will be running this Practice Day, please register direct with them here.

You will be able to SIGN IN for race day (please bring your helmet & licence) from 3pm on Saturday & pick up your passes.

Manfield: Saturday 12th December – Cemetery Circuit will be running this Practice Day  – Sign in and pay on day $140.00.

You will be able to SIGN IN for race day (please bring your helmet & licence) from 3pm on Saturday & pick up your passes.

Cemetery Circuit: (No practice day prior to race day) Practice is on Boxing Day morning 7.30am.

(some classes may be combined but will generally be in order of racing programme).

Sign In & Machine/Gear examination on Xmas Day 2-5pm or Boxing Day 6-7 am



  • Competition Licence
  • Club Affiliation Card
  • Passes for Entry on Race Days!



You can view the proposed timetables for all events here. Please note these times are subject to change.