Practice Days

Practice Days:  (please sign disclaimer with payment)

Taupo :  Sat 9th Dec.  9am – approx. 4pm $120 cost (pay on day)*Riders may sign in for Race Day (with Helmet Check) between 3-4.30pm (otherwise 7.30-8.30am Sun.)

Manfeild: Sat 16th Dec.  9am- approx. 4pm $120 cost (pay on day) *Riders may sign in for Race Day(with Helmet Check) between 3-4.30pm (otherwise 7.30-8.30am Sun.)

Pit Garages at Taupo &  Manfeild are to be arranged directly with the Venue Organisation.

Wanganui: Practice on Boxing Day 7.30am

Wanganui Pits: first in first served/please stay out of reserved areas in Suzuki Building area.Note:  No power!

*All Riders must have a 1kg Fire in their pit!   * All Electrical goods must have a current Electrically Safe Test Tag!

Machine/Gear examination/Sign In Race Day : (Helmet Checks at Sign In)

Taupo:                     Sun 10th December    7.30-8.30am Sidechair scrutineering.  Random checks for Solos

Manfeild:                 Sun 17th December 7.30-8.30am Sidechair scrutineering.  Random checks for Solos

Cemetery Circuit:   Mon 25 December between 2-5.00pm in Pit Area (Pacific Place (off Taupo Quay)

                                  Tues 26 December 6-7.00am in Pit Area

Compulsory Examination for ALL Machines & Gear at Wanganui

RIDERS ENTRY to Cemetery Circuit: 1 Entry Gate ONLY – Taupo Quay via Liffiton St/Heads Road

Please ensure licences are filled out with: Name/details/Signature/Helmet details. 

Event = Suzuki Series 2017 R1, 2 or 3,  Club/Organizer  =  CCL/and date

Riders Passes  (enclosed 1 per Rider & Passenger plus 2 crew) –   You will need these passes to gain Entry to ALL ROUNDS!   

Please Note:  ONLY Riders & Crew(wearing passes) are permitted in pit lane at Taupo & Manfeild.

If you require extra passes please see Race Secretary

PLEASE NOTE:  Individual Results/Times will not be provided.  For Live results/Times & livestream(CC only) go to the APP STORE and download ‘SUZUKI SERIES’ for free.  Results & Times will be on DISPLAY ONLY at Sign In.

PRIZEGIVING:  Please Note:  Top 3 winners of F1, F2, Supermoto, F1 Sidechairs &Robert Holden will be presented Trophies at Suzuki HQ immediately after Racing completed (for filming purposes) Please attend!

followed by full Prize Giving at the Race Course ‘Infusion’ in Purnell Street.(see Map)  Drinks and a light meal will be available for purchase.  Secure parking will also be available. Any enquiries please email:

**ALL Riders at Cemetery Circuit –must have a Championship Licence and your MNZ logbook must have details of  three MNZ permitted RR meetings prior to 26/12/17. These will be checked at sign in. (see MNZ Rule 22-8-15).

First Time Riders are also to complete a 4 lap familiarization ride around the circuit.  This will be behind an experienced Rider prior to the official practice.  More details at Cemetery Circuit Riders Briefing.