Cemetery Circuit gains major sponsor

August 10th, 2022

Platinum Homes joins as sponsors for motorcycle races

By Paul Brooks, Whanganui Midweek


Pic: Keryn Amon (Platinum Homes), Allan (Flea) Willacy (Cemetery Circuit) and Peter Goldfinch (Suzuki) with the Suzuki Hayabusa. 



Platinum Homes

Platinum Homes is now a major partner / sponsor with the Suzuki Series, the nationwide motorcycle races that culminate in the Cemetery Circuit at Whanganui on Boxing Day.

“Suzuki has partnered for 20-odd years,” says Allan (Flea) Willacy, Suzuki Series organiser, “And now Platinum Homes has come on board at the next level down, so it’s a relationship of two Whanganui companies supporting the Suzuki Series.” He says after the cancellation of last year’s series, everything is “Back on Track”. The COVID-19 pandemic forced organisers to reluctantly cancel the 2021 running of the motorcycle racing series and its street race finale.

Guest of honour at the photoshoot at the new Platinum Homes subdivision at Tirimoana Place, St Johns Hill, was the Suzuki Hayabusa, the 1300cc powerhouse that Sloan Frost, New Zealand superbike champion, will pilot during the series this year.

“When they launched them in 1999, they were the fastest production bike ever made,” says Peter Goldfinch, Dealer Executive at Suzuki NZ. They are still the fastest naturally aspirated production bike on the road. Peter has ridden the machine, and he called the experience “frightening”. He says to have Sloan Frost at least place on what is essentially a street bike will be good marketing for Suzuki.

“It’ll be a massive crowd pleaser,” says Flea.

“This year, we are going to have the New Zealand TT title and the Supermoto championship finishes at Whanganui, too,” he says. “So there’s quite a lot to play for this year at Whanganui.

“The TT title originally came from street racing, so it’s come home.” Flea says the first two rounds of the Suzuki International Series — at Taupo’s Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park and Manfeild Circuit Chris Amon, in Feilding — are combined with the National Championships, but the Cemetery Circuit is still the jewel in the crown. “Everybody still wants to compete, everybody wants to win, the top guys still want to win the Robert Holden [Memorial Trophy], it is still the biggest series in New Zealand and Whanganui Cemetery Circuit is still the biggest motorcycle event in New Zealand.”

“From our perspective, to partner up in an iconic event that’s been a stalwart event for Whanganui and literally the only North Island street circuit … for us, getting on board with something with such big numbers … really thankful for Suzuki to let us come in in such a big way, we’re really honoured to be part of it,” says Keryn Amon, Platinum Homes licensee. “Not to mention that our office is on the start-finish straight, so we will enjoy the fruits of the whole day, as we always do.” He says to partner up is an honour. “These kind of events don’t fall out of trees. It’s really awesome for us and our national team is right on board with it. Hopefully it’s a relationship that carries on.”

“Platinum Homes approached us,” says Flea. “They’ve always been there in a smaller capacity … but they wanted to put something back into Whanganui and the Cemetery Circuit is the biggest event.”

“For us, we’re not just Whanganui,” says Keryn, “We’re Platinum Homes from Whanganui right through to Wellington … to be part of it, we see the bigger picture. It’s just putting quality with quality: that’s how we like to do things.”