February 22nd, 2024

by Andy McGechan

The New Zealand Superbike Championship and Suzuki International Series will not be run in conjunction in 2024-25.

The two major stand-alone competitions did combine for the 2023-24 season – which now has just one round left to run, at Hampton Downs next month – pooling their resources and sharing personnel in a bid to revive a sport that had been ravaged in recent times by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It worked well, with a six-round mega competition springing from that, and the road-racing competition in New Zealand now looks to be in great shape again.

However, both parties now agree to revert to the previous structure, running the two competitions separately, as they look ahead to the future.

“Over the past two seasons, Cemetery Circuit Limited (organisers of the Suzuki International Series) and MNZ have worked together following the COVID-19 pandemic to blend resources to ensure our sport of motorcycle road-racing continues,” said Motorcycling New Zealand (MNZ) road-racing commissioner Andy Skelton.

“The past two years have seen some great racing and the emergence of some great talent, well supported by the two series coming together.

“Both parties believe the work has been done post COVID to allow now for both series to be able to support the sport as separate entities.

“MNZ are very thankful and appreciative of the offer that the team at the Suzuki International Series put forward two years ago to help support the New Zealand championship series.

“The forthcoming 2024-25 season will be run as two separate series that will cater for the broad sections of riders at that support both series.

“Behind the scenes, we will still work closely on developing the sport so that it is sustainable and continues to grow.

“On behalf of both organisations, we wish to thank all who raced, supported and volunteered to help our sport. The future sustainability is our goal for the sport.”

For his part, Allan ‘Flea’ Willacy, the head of the Cemetery Circuit Limited organisation, said plans were already well advanced towards making December’s three-round Suzuki International Series successful again as New Zealand’s pre-eminent motorcycling competition outside of the New Zealand championship series.


Credit: Words and photo by Andy McGechan,