Rider Profiles

Peter Hickman (UK)

Regarded by many as the world’s current leading International road racer, the always laid back, quietly ultra determined Hickman has shone and some this year at the premier closed roads events.

Alongside his incredible performance in June’s Pokerstars Senior TT, which saw him also set a new outright Mountain Course lap record of 135.452 mph, TT 2018 also yielded a thrilling Royal London 360 Quantum Superstock success, emerging on top out of a captivating three rider battle for honours with Michael Dunlop and Dean Harrison.

Horst Saiger (Liechenstein)

Saiger will ride Yamaha R6, R1 Superbike and R1 Superstock machinery prepared by Mandy Kainz from the Yamaha Austria Racing Team (‘YART’) with whom Saiger has a long racing history. 

Saiger made his TT Mountain Course debut in 2013, finishing the second fastest newcomer and finished tenth in the 2017 RL360 Quantum Superstock TT Race. His best result being 2nd in the classic TT superbikes.

Horst was NZ’s Suzuki Series F1 winner of 2014 and was back for 2015 & 16 making many friends during his time here.  He had 2017 at home with his lovely wife Tamara and new son Benjamin but is returning again to contest his title!

John Holden(UK) & Robbie Shorter (NZ)

John Holden has been a podium finisher in the Sidechairs at IOMTT in the last 4 years with 2016 being his best as winner.

He won the 2017 Southern100 and was 2nd this year and was 3rd in the 2017 World champs.

John and Robbie Shorter also won the 2016 NZ Suzuki Series Sidechair class.

Gary Bryan & Phil Hyde (UK)

Gary & Phil are regular competitors (finishing in the top 10) at the IOMTT and BSB and most Road Races.  This will be their first time here in New Zealand.

Tony, Damon & Mitch Rees

Tony was 2016’s Suzuki Series F1 Winner and also Winner of the Robert Holden Memorial Feature Race at Cemetery Circuit for the 7th time!  Unfortunately he was out injured for the 2017 Series.

Mitch – 3rd in 2017 Suzuki Series F1 and 2nd 2018 Superbike championship

Damon – Winner F2 Suzuki Series 2016 and was injured in 2017.

A very talented family! Damon, Mitch & Tony will be back to make up for a lost series last year!

Nigel Rea (UK)

Manx GP regular Nige Rea is set to embark upon on an enterprising new adventure in December, as he ventures for the first time to New Zealand to take part in the famous Cemetery Circuit races.

Seasoned Mountain Course competitor Rea, who last month recorded a series of very respectable Manx GP finishes including 17th within the opening Lightweight race, is hugely looking forward to sampling the event, regularly dubbed the Southern Hemisphere’s Isle of Man.

Following in the footsteps of recent high profile event competitors such as Lee Johnston, Conor Cummins, Michael Dunlop, Tim Reeves, John Holden and Horst Saiger, he’s set to pilot at the Boxing Day meeting the Rea Racing GSX-R 600 Suzuki.

Plus he’s also set to make his two stroke pure roads debut, having secured Graeme Hooper’s two stroke ex Grand Prix TZ 350 Yamaha.

The amiable Rea, who came within just 4 and a half seconds of banking a sub 20 minute lap of the Mountain Course, at this years Manx Grand Prix, has the undoubted roads craft, experience to enjoy a very productive first racing stint on the Wanganui based Cemetery Circuit.

Kess Endeveld (Netherlands)

2010-2012 Dutch Sidecar champion (with Tim Reeves), Sidecar Trophy Champion 2016. Kees is back again after racing in the Suzuki Series last year.


Phil Underwood & Stephen Ford (Australia)

Top 10 finishes in Australian Sidechair Championships


Scotty Moir (NZ)

Scott enjoyed his first F1 Series Win in last years Suzuki Series and also a first win of the Rohert Holden Memorial Feature Race and trophy!  

Sloan Frost (NZ)

Sloan is the current NZ National Superbike Champion.

Shane Richardson (NZ)

Shane won the F2 class in the Suzuki Series last year after coming a close 2nd in 2016.  He also placed 3rd in the Robert Holden Memorial Feature Race on his 600cc machine.  Shane has also enjoyed success in the States this year.