Rider Info


Entries for the 2018 Suzuki series will be available online from August.

Payment for those entered please deposit into 03 0791 0736101 00 Name and Licence No. as a reference. Thank you.

Round 1:  Bruce McLaren Motor Park Taupo  8 December  MNZ Permit No.

Round 2:  Manfield Auto course   15 December   MNZ Permit No.

Round 3:  Cemetery Circuit Wanganui   26 December   MNZ Permit No.

*All Riders wishing to ride at Cemetery Circuit 2019 must have a competition license and raced 3 MNZ permitted events within a year prior to Cemetery Circuit 2019

International Riders:  must have an FIM Licence and Start Permission/clearance from your governing body (you will need to quote Event: Suzuki Series Round 1 Taupo ,  Round 2 Manfeild , Round 3 Cemetery Circuit IMN and dates.  (Please email organisers admin@cemeterycircuit.co.nz)

NUMBERS:  Riders with registered numbers with MNZ will have exclusive rights to their number.


F1,  F2,  F3,  SuperMoto,  Formula Sport/Bears Jnr & Snr,  Pre 89 Jnr & Snr,  GIXXER 150, F1 Sidechairs (All Rounds)

Classic Sidechairs & Robert Holden Feature (Cemetery Circuit only extra classes)

All entry fees to be paid to:  Cemetery Circuit Ltd  03 0791 0736101 00 please include name and licence number.

All  late entries (after 7 Nov 2018) must apply to admin@cemeterycircuit.co.nz   and if accepted will be charged a $50 late fee penalty.

All Solos will receive 3 Rider/Crew passes, Sidechair teams 4.  Only those wearing these passes will be allowed access to Pit Lane at Taupo & Manfield! (No General Admittance to pit lane except at Cemetery Circuit).  If you require extra GA tickets  for any rounds please apply to admin@cemeterycircuit.co.nz

Riders under the age of 16 must download and print and fill out manually with Parent/Guardian signature.


Machine/Gear examination/Sign In Race Day: (Helmet Checks at Sign In)

Taupo: Sunday 9th December from7.30-8.30am Sidechair scrutineering.  Random checks for Solos.

Manfield: Sunday 16th December from 7.30-8.30am Sidechair scrutineering.  Random checks for Solos

Cemetery Circuit:   Wed 25 December from 2.00-5.00pm in Pit Area (Pacific Place – off Taupo Quay)
AND Thu 26 December 6-7.00am in Pit Area
Compulsory Examination for ALL Machines & Gear at Wanganui

            Wed 25th  
          2-5pm Sign In/Gear Check  
                               Thu 26th  
          6.00 Sign In/Gear Check  
Sat 7-Dec   14-Dec   7.30  Virgins / Gixxer 150 4
9-4.00 Unofficial Practice   Unofficial Practice   7.40 Pre 89 Practice  
3-4.30 Sign In/Gear Check   Sign In/Gear Check   7.55 Formula Sport/Bears Pr  
          8.10 F2 Practice  
          8.20 Smoto Practice  
Sun 10-Dec   17-Dec   8.30 F1 Practice  
7.30 Sign In/Gear Check   Sign In/Gear Check   8.40 F3 Practice  
8.30 RIDERS BRIEFING   RIDERS BRIEFING   8.50 F1 Sidechairs Practice  
9.00 Pre 89 Q   Pre 89 Q   9.05 Gixxer 150  
9.15 Formula Sport/Bears Q   Formula Sport/Bears Q   9.15 Pre 82 Sidechairs Prac  
9.30 F2 Q   F2 Q   9.25 Pre 89 Q  
9.45 Gixxer 150 Cup Q   Gixxer 150 Cup Q   9.40 Formula Sport/Bears Q  
10.00 SmotoQ   SmotoQ   9.50 F2 Q  
10.15 F1 Q   F1 Q   10.00 Smoto Q  
10.30 F3 Q   F3 Q   10.10 F1 Q  
10.45 F1 Sidecars Q   F1 Sidcars Q   10.25 F3 Q  
11.00 Pre 89 R1 6 Pre 89 R1 8 10.35 F1 Sidecars Q  
11.15 Formula Sport/Bears R1 6 Formula Sport/Bears R1 8 10.50 Gixxer 150 Q  
11.35 F2 R1 8 F2 R1 10 11.00 Pre 82 Sidecars Q  
11.50 Gixxer 150 Cup R1 5 Gixxer 150 Cup R1 6 11.30 Pre 89 R1 8
12.10 Smoto R1 8 Smoto R1 12 11.50 Formula Sport/Bears R1 8
12.25 F1 R1 8 F1 R1 10 12.05 F2 R1 10
12.40 F3 R1 6 F3 R1 8 12.20 Smoto R1 8
12.55 F1 Sidecars R1 6 F1 Sidecars R1 8 12.35 F1 R1 10
1.15 Pre 89 R2 6 Pre 89 R2 8 12.50 F3 R1 8
1.35 Formula Sport/Bears R2 6 Formula Sport/Bears R2 8 1.05 F1 Sidecars R1 8
1.50 F2 R2 8 F2 R2 10 1.20 Gixxer 150 6
2.10 Gixxer 150 Cup R2 5 Gixxer 150 Cup R2 6 1.35 Pre 82 Sidecars R1 8
2.25 Smoto R2 8 Smoto R2 12 1.50 Pre 89 R2 8
2.40 F1 R2 8 F1 R2 10 2.15 Formula Sport/Bears R2 8
2.55 F3 R2 6 F3 R2 8 2.30 F2 R2 10
3.15 F1 Sidecars R2 8 F1 Sidecars R2 10 2.45 Smoto R2 8
          3.00 F1 R2 10
          3.15 F3 R2 8
          3.30 Robert Holden  10
          3.50 F1 Sidecars R2 10
          4.05 Gixxer 150 R2 6
          4.20 Pre 82 Sidecars 8
  This Timetable is a proposed guideline only and could change!    
  *Smoto at Taupo will run on short track 2        
  *Smoto at Manfeild will run reverse on short course        
SIGN IN:  Please have licences ready (FILLED OUT!):  Date/Event = Suzuki Series R1,2 or 3  
      Name of Organiser/Club = CCL (Cemetery Circuit Ltd)  
      & Helmet Details        
NOTE:  Only Riders & Crew (with wristbands) permitted on Pit Lane (Taupo & Manfeild)  


  • All Riders must have a 1kg Fire extinguisher in their pit!
  • All Electrical goods must have a current Electrically Safe Test Tag!
  • No Fuel to be stored overnight in pit garages.

Cemetery Circuit is NOT handling Pit Garage Hire – please contact the venue direct:

Taupo ph. 07 3763378  email accounts@bmmp.nz

Manfeild Park ph. 06 3237444 (extn 2) email Julie at events@manfeild.co.nz


CEMETERY CIRCUIT PITS: Pacific Place (this is also where machine & gear examination/sign in will be held)
No Power available and first-in-first served for spots.
(please stay out of ‘Reserved’ areas in Suzuki yard)

Please Note:  RIDER ENTRY ONLY:  Taupo Quay SH3 end



Taupo: Saturday 7 December 9-approx 4pm (you may sign in for race day between 3.30-4.30) Please bring Helmet/licence

Manfield: Saturday 14 December 9-approx 4pm (you  may sign in for race day between 3.30-4.30) Please bring Helmet/Licence

*All Riders must sign Disclaimer and have paid before participating practice:
(you will be given a sticker for bike/helmet which will be checked before allowing to enter practice)

Cemetery Circuit: (No practice day prior to Race Day) Practice is on Boxing Day morning 7.30 am
(some classes may be combined but will generally be in order of racing programme)

Practice/Qualifying will be on Race Days

PLEASE NOTE:  Individual Results/Times will not be provided. For Live results/Times & Livestream (CC only) go to the APP STORE and download ‘SUZUKI SERIES’ for free.  Results & Times will be on DISPLAY ONLY at Sign In.







Cemetery Circuit:  at the completion of racing – Trophies will be presented to top 3 Series winners of F1, F2, Supermoto and F1 Sidechairs and  Robert Holden for TV filming.  Full prizegiving will follow at Infusion Racecourse.


PLEASE EMAIL admin@cemeterycircuit.co.nz for any queries