It’s with a huge amount of disappointment

November 11th, 2021

It’s with a huge amount of disappointment and frustration to announce we cannot run round 1 (Taupo) and round 2 (Manfeild) of the 2021 Suzuki International Series. But currently Cemetery Circuit is still on and we are confident that racing will take place on Boxing Day.
We have had to make this call due to the uncertainty and restrictions surrounding COVID alert levels and how events might possibly be able to run under these circumstances. Another major issue we face is our inability to secure and provide firm plans to our many marshals and volunteers, who without their invaluable help we cannot run.
Planning for the third and final round, Cemetery Circuit, is still going ahead – the chequered flag definitely hasn’t dropped. We are forever hopeful protocols and certainty will be in place by the end of November so we can understand how we might be able to host one of New Zealand’s most iconic events. We will make a decision public on whether or not we can run Cemetery Circuit on Tuesday 7th December. We will still be taking late entries for the event after this date.
Information on refunds of entry fees paid for rounds 1 & 2 can be found here:…/
We will process any refunds of riders who have entered rounds 1 or 2 only no later than 26th Nov. More information for any potential refund dates for riders who have entered the series or Cemetery Circuit only will be provided on the 7th December. If you have any questions on refunds please email us at – but please first check the details on the website. Some riders have already indicated they are happy for us to keep their entry fee as a donation and for that we are hugely grateful. We do want to keep the refund process as simple as possible so won’t be looking to process refunds for those who have entered the series until after the 7th December decision.
We know this is disappointing news and we are sure everyone understands why we have had to make this hugely difficult decision. As you can understand there’s a massive amount of work that goes on behind the scenes, and we can do so much planning to a point but when there’s so much uncertainty it makes it near impossible. We want to acknowledge and thank all our sponsors and supporters who have been patient, understanding and so supportive through our entire process to date. And of course thank you to all riders and spectators for your understanding as well.
We also recognise that many people out there have an opinion on what should or shouldn’t happen – please respect our request that you do not post your thoughts or beliefs on that subject on this page and keep your comments relating to our events and bikes only. There’s the right place and time for you to air your opinions but this page is not it – don’t be that person.