2017 Timetable

Monday 25th
2-5pmSign In/Gear Check
Tuesday 26th
6.00Sign In/Gear Check
SATURDAY9-Dec16-Dec7.30 Virgins / Gixxer 1504
9am-4pmUnofficial PracticeUnofficial Practice7.40Pre 89 Practice
3-4.30pmSign In/Gear CheckSign In/Gear Check7.55Formula Sport/Bears Practice
8.10F2 Practice
8.20Gixxer 150 Cup Practice
SUNDAY10-Dec17-Dec8.30Smoto Practice
7.30Sign In/Gear Check Sign In/Gear Check8.40F1 Practice
9.00Pre 89 QPre 89 Q9.05F1 Sidechairs Practice
9.15Formula Sport/Bears QFormula Sport/Bears Q9.15Pre 82 Sidechairs Prac
9.30F2 QF2 Q9.25Pre 89 Q
9.45Gixxer 150 Cup QGixxer 150 Cup Q9.40Formula Sport/Bears Q
10.00SmotoQSmotoQ9.50F2 Q
10.15F1 QF1 Q10.00Gixxer 150 Cup Q
10.30F3 QF3 Q10.10Smoto Q
10.45F1 Sidecars QF1 Sidcars Q10.25F1 Q
11.00Pre 89 R16Pre 89 R1810.35F3 Q
11.15Formula Sport/Bears R16Formula Sport/Bears R1810.50F1 Sidecars Q
11.35F2 R18F2 R11011.00Pre 82 Sidecars Q
11.50Gixxer 150 Cup R15Gixxer 150 Cup R1611.30Pre 89 R18
12.10Smoto R18Smoto R11211.50Formula Sport/Bears R18
12.25F1 R18F1 R11012.05F2 R18
12.40F3 R16F3 R1812.20Gixxer 150 Cup R16
12.55F1 Sidecars R16F1 Sidecars R1812.35Smoto R18
1.15Pre 89 R26Pre 89 R2812.50F1 R18
1.35Formula Sport/Bears R26Formula Sport/Bears R281.05F3 R18
1.50F2 R28F2 R2101.20F1 Sidecars R18
2.10Gixxer 150 Cup R25Gixxer 150 Cup R261.35Pre 82 Sidecars R18
2.25Smoto R28Smoto R2121.50Pre 89 R28
2.40F1 R28F1 R2102.15Formula Sport/Bears R28
2.55F3 R26F3 R282.30F2 R28
3.15F1 Sidecars R28F1 Sidecars R2102.45SMoto R28
3.00F1 R28
3.15F3 R28
3.30Gixxer 150 Cup6
3.50Robert Holden 10
4.05F1 Sidecars R210
4.30Pre 82 Sidecars8

This Timetable is a proposed guideline only and could change!

This Timetable is a proposed guideline only and could change!
*Smoto at Taupo will run on short track 2
*Smoto at Manfeild will run reverse on short course

SIGN IN:  Please have licences ready (FILLED OUT!):  Date/Event = Suzuki Series R1,2 or 3 Name of Organiser/Club = CCL (Cemetery Circuit Ltd) & Helmet Details

NOTE:  Only Riders & Crew (with wristbands) permitted on Pit Lane (Taupo & Manfeild)